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            Neroli Essential Oil Blend 10ml Roller Bottle

            Enhance your mood with this delicate yet seductive essential oil blend. Its charming, tangy aroma give you the right amount of essence to capture your inner desires. Every time you are in need of a pick me up, feeling blue or wanting to feel a little playful and sexy, use Neroli Essential Oil Blend to restore your positivity and enlighten...

            Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil Blend 10ml Roller Bottle

            Elevate your senses with the subtle richness of Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oil, known as the "Oil of Love." As you close your eyes and take a deep breath, embrace the sweetness of its aroma that touches deeply in the core or your emotions to release grief, anger, and resentments and replace it with love, joy and hope.  We decided...

            Power Essential Oil Blend 10ml Roller Bottle

            Stay on top of the world! Battle your down moments with vigor and unrestrained will! Emotions can swirl you to the tunes of depression, anxiety, betrayal, crisis, fear and a whole lot of concerns that block your positive and vibrant energy. An application of Power Essential oil adds a genuine glow to your aura and reinvigorates your chakras to be super...

            Happy Essential Oil Blend 10ml Roller Bottle

            Lift your spirits and stay in tune with your happy aura. Happy essential oil blend redefines the limits of aromatherapy, breaking the bonds between stressfully jammed days and moodiness. Instead it creates a genuine happy glow that does not fade with swinging moments. Now it is in roll-on form! This  blend of baobab oil along with pink Grapefruit, yuzu, black pepper,...