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              Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet

              There can never be too many lava beads in a bracelet, just as there is nothing like having an overload of energy balance. This super packed therapeutic bracelet has all the natural liveliness to boost your aura while adding a confident charm to your appearance. The lava beads serve as ultimate enhancers of energy balance, which will purify your chakras...

              Pink & Black Sterling Silver Cat Lava Bead Bracelet

              A bracelet that is undoubtedly a delight for all cat lovers! A top choice for your jewelry collection in case you need a fond reminder of your pets while you are at work. In its pinkness, the bracelet also has a feminine tone to it, which makes a conscious appeal to ladies that wish to reiterate their love for cats....

              Day of the Dead Sterling Silver Lava Bracelet

              Profound stylishness Most recently, the use of skulls in fashion items have taken edge towards becoming a norm, as more individuals accept its symbolism beyond the concepts of gothic perspectives and lifestyle. At IndigoGreen, we took it a step further. We crafted a fashionably brilliant piece that used a soothing tone to address a theatrical reminder of loved ones that...

              POWER roll-on Blend

              Stay on top of the world! Battle your down moments with vigor and unrestrained will! Emotions can swirl you to the tunes of depression, anxiety, betrayal, crisis, fear and a whole lot of concerns that block your positive and vibrant energy. An application of Power Essential oil restores the will to live and to move on during downtimes, adding a...

              Happy Roll-On Blend

              Lift your spirits and stay in tune with your happy aura. Happy essential oil blend redefines the limits of aromatherapy, breaking the bonds between stressfully jammed days and moodiness. It creates in its stead a genuine happy glow that doesn’t fade with swinging moments. Now it's in roll-on form! This  blend of baobab oil along with Pink Grapefruit, Korean yuzu, black...

              Yuzu Essential Oil 5ml

              Yuzu is a Japanese fruit.

              Three Eye DZI Bracelet

              With a touch of mystery for your chakras From the heart of Tibet onto the world, this bracelet features a DZI (pronounced zee) focal bead bearing all its auspicious charms; 18 lava beads and two carnelian beads. Dzi can range from one "eye" to 21 eyes. This particular pieces signifies Prosperity, Happiness and Longevity, enables one to connect to all...

              Blue Green Lava Disc Earrings

              A tender and absolutely fashionable sophistication These earrings encompasses the core of high taste and the subtlety of a calm nature. It is a perfect fit for when you do not want to wear a jewelry that is overly glamorous, yet retains a strong attraction. Relax into the feel-good appeal that comes with the tenderness of these earrings, and trend...

              Muscles & Joints Essential Oil Blend 10ml

              An IndigoGreen’s original mix for super-fast relief from the aching grips of muscle and joint pains! This essential oil blend comprises of blue yarrow, copaiba, geranium and pink peppercorn, which come together to relieve all sorts of strains that are associated to muscle and joints, providing a soothing relief that trumps the singular effects of each ingredient as a standalone...