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              3 Wrap Lava Flower Bracelet

              Live. Laugh. Love! Re-channel your mood and energy into vibes that establish love and angelic enchantments wherever you go. Flourish with nature and blossom in its delights with this 3 wrap handmade bracelet. It is designed to therapeutically invigorate one’s mood at any point in time – just one or two drops of essential oil, and the trick is done!...

              Beach Lava Bracelet

              Cleanse your chakra; irradiate warmth and love for all who cross path with you. Indigo Green’s beach lava bracelet is crafted to warmly soothe the mind and put a soft smile on a wearied face. Like tender waves gently caressing the edges of a beach on a quiet night, this bracelet with the aid of an essential oil, will lull...

              Blue Green Disc Necklace

              The subtle command: There are various ways to make a loud fashion statement, one of which may include delicately stating the obvious, effortlessly. That’s where the subtlety of this blue-green disc necklace comes in – a weighty and loud fashion statement that is utterly gentle in its approach. Embellished with intricately designed beads from wood and glass beads department, and...

              Blue Green Lava Disc Earrings

              A tender and absolutely fashionable sophistication These earrings encompasses the core of high taste and the subtlety of a calm nature. It is a perfect fit for when you do not want to wear a jewelry that is overly glamorous, yet retains a strong attraction. Relax into the feel-good appeal that comes with the tenderness of these earrings, and trend...

              Blue rainbow lava bead earrings

              A little bit of turquoise, a little bit of tiger eye, and a lava bead make these earrings stand out! Ear wire is zinc alloy, no nickel. There's a matching bracelet and a couple of necklaces you can also purchase to make it a matching set!

              Blue Rainbow Lava Wooden Bead Necklace

              Add the funk to your appeal. Savor the waves of a trendy fashion style that portrays your appearance with a slight touch of "hippy." The concept adopted in the crafting of this necklace is one that appreciates the diverse flavors of life. A thoughtful mixture of -: Wavy blue rainbow to define the concerns of free-spirited acceptance – warm reception....

              Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet

              There can never be too many lava beads in a bracelet, just as there is nothing like having an overload of energy balance. This super packed therapeutic bracelet has all the natural liveliness to boost your aura while adding a confident charm to your appearance. The lava beads serve as ultimate enhancers of energy balance, which will purify your chakras...

              Chakra Lava Bead Earrings

              Life’s balance can be found in few places, much more, even in little things we do not have such expectations from. This statement is made evident by our lava bead earrings. Handmade to create an energy flow that is ever steady and ever healing, it fills the heart with love that harmonizes all other virtues. It features seven gemstones and...

              Chakra lava bead sterling silver necklace

              Reach further into your inner soul and harmonize your seven chakras to enrich your insights and style. This necklace features seven beads made from genuine gemstones; each on its own representing one of your energy centers from the Crown to the Root. Two lava beads flank both ends of the gemstones to further add a healing touch and to secure...